I was born in the town of Portsmouth on the south coast of England.

I have always had the itch to travel. I left home on a one year trip around the world and have never really moved back home! 

While on my travels I have become a PADI scuba diving instructor, worked on many sailing vessels in Australia and have also gained certificates in engineering and carpentry. As you can imagine I have always enjoyed a hands on working environment. 

For the three years prior to my work in Fiji I lived in Thailand, working as a dive instructor. While I was there I completed my Bareboat Skippers License while sailing on my 50ft ferro cement sail boat Ginseng.

Luckily all the skills I have help immensely with living on a boat. I have managed to fix most of the problems we have encountered so far!

My all time favourite place is Fiji and I hope that someday Erica and I can sail back there.


I grew up in Kitchener Ontario Canada. My family has a cottage on Presquil Bay where we spent most of our summers. I remember watching all the sailboats sailing around the bay and heading through the Trent severn waterway. Although I never did much sailing back then I always thought it was a fantastic way to travel.

During my university career (Bachelor of Business Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University) I spent my summers working at Camp Wahanowin running a dance program. Once again always on the water involved in water skiing and a little bit of sailing.

During this period I met some of the most amazing people who taught me of the joys of travelling the world. 

After graduating I made the decision to travel abroad and have been doing just that for the past 6 years, Australia, Asia, New Zealand and eventually ended up in Fiji. Where as you know I met Davy.


Our Story

On a small island in the middle of the Pacific I (Erica) went on holiday and ended up meeting my person! 

Davy was working as operations manager with Reef Safari on Kuata Island resort running the Awakening Shark Dive. He was managing five dive resorts in the Yasawa Islands in Fiji. 

As he tells the story he heard from his staff on returning to Kuata that a beautiful girl had turned up on the island who had done the shark dive that morning. Davy ended up finding me at the bar (of course) and we've been together ever since. Can I say soul mates??

After spending three and a half months on the island together I was departing to continue on a trip to Asia that was pre booked. After arriving in Sri Lanka I received a message that Davy had a plane ticket from Nandi Fiji to Colombo Sri Lanka. Davy was coming to join me! He just couldn't stay away!

After three beautiful months travelling such a cultural place we knew we were perfect together. 

Now this is where the thoughts of Barefoot Two come in. We knew we wanted to keep travelling. But HOW! Why not buy a sailboat so we can travel the world in our floating home. We lived aboard our Catalina 36 for nearly two years!


We had some incredible adventures travelling the east coast of the United States, the Bahamas, Jamaica and finally on to Grand Cayman. We were living in Grand Cayman for nearly a year working in the tourism industry. Scuba diving, jet ski tours and charters on a 52 ft catamaran. We decided to sell Barefoot Two to upgrade to a catamaran. The only way we can do this is by purchasing a hurricane damaged cat! We found our new home in Puerto Rico! Check out our new page "Hurricane damaged catamaran" for more!