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Our Adventure

Davy and I (Erica) have recently upgraded our boat! We purchased a hurricane damaged catamaran! This new chapter is going to push us in very different ways. From repairing fibreglass, fixing electronics, cleaning up the cosmetics and many more jobs, this new phase of our adventure is going to be very exciting. We are incredibly happy to share our journey with you! 

As you may know, we spent nearly two years living aboard our Catalina 36, Barefoot Two. We shared our story with you as we cruised the east coast of the US, the Bahamas, Jamaica and finally Grand Cayman. We have just spent the last year living and working in Grand Cayman trying to make this new dream a reality. We had the good fortune to find work in the diving industry and we've made some great connections. Now due to the current situation we both find ourselves unemployed for the next few months. This is a blessing and a curse as we now have lots of time for repairs, but also keeps us stranded from where we truly want to be. Grand Cayman. 

We love to travel, we have a passion for sailing and diving and now we have a boat to make it happen. Follow along with us as we make this incredible journey a reality!! We appreciate any and all support so thank you Patrons for everything you do! 



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